However, the great majority is only able to estimate the useful life of a certain pavement instead of making incremental calculations of the deteriorations which fit the inputs according to their evolution throughout very short time periods, as it is the case of the MEPDG. This makes the import of the MEPDG into other countries quite difficult, since the use of some good and updated databases, which do not always exist, would also be needed. Their combination allows the user to rely on data of more than 2, test sections, which are periodically updated and revised Momin, La filosofía general de la guía es proponer un diseño de prueba definiendo los espesores y materiales de cada una de las capas definidas en la estructura. In spite of the potential of the MEPDG, it is expected that later versions correct some of its deficiencies: Stress in concrete pavements of airfields.

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The expected traffic loads on a road with the same category are also considered in this case. As it has been already pointed out, a lot of studies support the degree of certainty of its predictions. The ID Infiltration and Drainage model analyzes, based on the assumption that pavement foundations are permeable, water infiltration through hollows or cracks and its related consequences. Alize, Ladywhereas others which are more evolved allow the user to define these loads e. Pavement, design, management, incremental damage, optimization. Se establece también una metodología para dar respuesta al objetivo planteado.

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It is able to predict the usual types of pavement damage softwarre their useful life with a level of reliability chosen by mepcg user. Considerations about the method: Journal of Modern Transportation, 19, This model is also the same for all the states, so the influence of factors such as their particular regulations, constructive technologies or quality control methods is not taken into account.

In addition, most of the previous methods are only suitable for the design of new pavements and not for predicting the evolution of those already constructed. The SNP inserts an adjustment factor depending on the depth of the layer.


Chequeo de estructuras de pavimento flexible a través del software (MEPDG)

Neither the influence of tack nor the penetration prime coats are considered. Example of a normal distribution function representative of the IRI Source: Introducción El desarrollo histórico de las carreteras se remota a los milenarios ejemplos de obras en Creta, China y Egipto, que evidencian la necesidad humana de reducir las dificultades de viajar especialmente a la hora de trasladar cargas pesadas.

Alize, Ladywhereas others which are more evolved allow the user to define these loads e. For this the results obtained from the characterization of traffic with data collected from the station Sepentín weighing Pasamayo in the department of Lima, climate data callao extracted from other research and properties of materials adopted by the experience or used software defect, in order to show the results that can be obtained in the design, using software design Guide, pointing out its limitations and advantages to conclude with some conclusions and recommendations.

Other examples could be the HIPAVE, which has quite satisfactory results, although it was mainly thought to design industrial pavements Pradena et al.

As time passed, it was noticed that this purely empirical design system could not handle sofwtare traffics about 30 times highernew materials or boundary conditions of other regions.

For their part, finite elements methods, as those of finite differences, improve the MEPDG in some aspects, but not mepdv whole procedure.

The load spectra definition only allows them to be modeled as static.

software mepdg

Its 3 differentiated modules are Ali, In spite of the potential of the MEPDG, it is expected that later versions correct some of its deficiencies: The CMS Climatic Material Structural Model is an advanced finite differences program that calculates sodtware temperature and moisture profiles of the pavement, as well as the strength properties of its materials.

Accuracy levels of the analysis. It has been created from general pavement studies GPSbut also from specific pavement studies SPSexpressly built to obtain some kind of information.


Módulo de información general: Con ayuda de los coeficientes de equivalencia de espesores, se conforma la estructura definitiva, sustituyendo cada parte del espesor total con materiales de otras características resistentes, para la superficie, base y subbase.

Log In Sign Up. With regard to the traditional analytical methods based on the multi-layer theory, one of their main handicaps is that they barely include calibration data to adapt mathematical models to a particular study, what adds certain degree of inaccuracy.

Among analytical or rational methods there are some which use finite elements and others which utilize finite differences, such as Axidin, Abaqus, Cesar, Michpave, Nottingham, etc.

software mepdg

Meldg uses data from official agencies, empirical correlations or estimates to determine the required inputs. Diseño de pavimentos;Método de elementos finitos;Transito de vehiculos pesados.

Mora Quiñones, Samuel Mepdb. Its tools of economic analysis are powerful, but its main problem resides in its eminently empirical nature that requires a solid database, which is normally not available.

The MEPDG allows the user to work with three different levels of accuracy depending on the road requirements, the economic capacity and, even, the deadline of the design.

software mepdg

Also an example of designing a hydraulic concrete pavement with simple joints located in the department of Lima, using the software of the Design Guide will be developed. The zoftware commonly used for ordinary design.

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Research Report for Idaho Transportation Department First of all, their use is usually very complex for designers who are not experts in programming. Therefore, the re- presentative modules of bituminous mixtures in each monthly period are used and the progressive aging of materials is taken into account at the moment of predicting the evolution of an existing pavement Li et.

Environmental conditions that prevail in the region: